Reggio Emilia Innovazione


Reggio Emilia Innovazione

Short name: REI

Reggio Emilia Innovazione Soc .Cons. a r.l. (REI) was founded in 2003 and aims at continuing and enforcing the research activities by providing technological services (laboratories) for companies and by coordinating those activities in the Reggio Emilia district. REI shareholders are public and private bodies, including UNI-MORE who holds a share of 8.158% of the working capital. REI coordinates the “Mechatronics Laboratory of Emilia-Romagna – MECTRON” ( in cooperation with some Italian Universities and the Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.) integrates competences in the design, simulation, development and characterization of mechatronic systems.

REI activities
Technology Transfer  and  Research Marketing : as support to company innovation processes and to the valorisation of research  laboratories’ competences
Industrial Research : REI hosts three laboratories of the Project  Intermech (HMI–CBW–FPM) and performs directly research in electromagnetic compatibility, power and battery managements systems for automotive and mechatronics.
Tecnological Services : as consultant and  verification tester  of innovative products at its own laboratories
Spin-offs Incubator : REI hosts, promotes e supports the growth of the local start-up and spin-offs

Main related expertise:
Alessandro Tacchini: Certified Technology Transfer Manager inside the Project “Valorisation of Public Research” launched from Italian CNR in collaboration with CERN of Geneva (CH). Expert of electronic and measurement has been manager and head of EMC, RF, and LVD laboratories (IEC/ISO 17025 compliant). He has over 13 years of laboratory experience in measurements techniques and testing of heavy industrial and automotive electronics, including power, control, and radio frequency (RF) systems.

Related publications: 
B. Audone, A. Tacchini, A. Maggiali • Monitoring of shielding effectiveness degradation, 2010 EMC Europe – Wroclaw (Poland), 13 – 17 September 2010; Tacchini A., Radiated emission testing – In-situ measurements on large machines, APEMC 2010, Beijing (China), 12 – 16 April 2010

Eliana Porreca: expert in European policies and project manager in co-funded projects for local development and structural funds for the Province of Reggio Emilia since 2007; skilled on International relations, institutions’ relationship and in the field of communications.

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