The progress and the outcomes of the computational and experimental research aimed at providing proof-of-concept of the scientific feasibility of the ACHEON system is to be reflected in the following list of deliverables:

  • D1.1 Kick Off Meeting Presentation (Public) M1 [achieved]
  • D1.2 Periodic Report (Restriced) M6 [postponed to M9 - achieved]
  • D1.3 Periodic Report (Restricted)
  • D1.4 Final Report (Public) M18
  • D1.5 Organizational guidelines and general rules (Confidential) M1 [achieved]
  • D1.6 Dissemination Quality Report (Public) M9 [achieved - combined with D.1.2]
  • D1.7 Dissemination Quality Report (Public) M18
  • D2.1 Bibliography Analysis (Public) – M3  [achievedThis deliverable has been published as a paper entitled “Review of the Thrust Vectoring in Support of a VTOL non-moving mechanical propulsion system” published in the Central European Journal of Engineering issue of July 2013]
  • D2.2 Preliminary Design (Confidential) M6 [achieved at M9 and combined with D.4.2]
  • D2.3 Mathematical models (Restriced) M18
  • D2.4 Design methodologies report (Restricted) M12
  • D2.5 Design methodologies final report (Restricted) M18
  • D2.6 Study of integration into Aircrafts (Restricted) M12
  • D2.7 Integration final designs (Restricted) M19
  • D3.1 Preliminary CFD Analysis Report (Restricted) M6 [achieved at M9]
  • D3.2 CFD analysis report (Restricted)  M12
  • D3.3 CFD analysis final report (Restricted) M19
  • D3.4 Vehicle CFD analysis report (Public) M12
  • D3.5 Vehicle CFD analysis final report (Restricted) M18
  • D4.1 Experimental activity plan (Restricted) M3 [achieved at M7]
  • D4.2 Preliminary Experimental report (Restricted) M6 [achieved at M9 and combined with D.2.2]
  • D4.3 Experimental intermediate report (Restricted) M12
  • D4.4 Experimental final report (Restricted) M18
  • D5.1 Preliminary technology evaluation Report (Restricted) M6 [achieved at M9]
  • D5.2 Technology evaluation Report (Restricted) M15
  • D5.3 Further development report (Restricted) M18
  • D6.1 Computational proof of concept (Restricted) M15
  • D6.2 Proof of concept (Restricted) M18
  • D7.1 Website and Upgrades (Public) M1 [achieved]
  • D7.2 Scientific Presentation of the Project (Public) M3 [achieved - released at M9]
  • D7.3 ACHEON Brochure (Public) M3 [achieved]
  • D7.4 Dissemination & Exploitation plan (Restricted) M6 [ongoing postponed to M12]
  • D7.5 Newsletter # 1 (Public) M9 [achieved]
  • D7.6 Evaluation of Scientific Dissemination (Public) M18 [to be combined with D.1.7]
  • D7.7 Newsletter # 2 (Public) M18

Deliverables with “Restricted” status can be accessed providing an in writing email request to the ACHEON Consortium specifying the nature of the need and envisaged usage and exploitation intentions.

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