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Nimbus srl

Nimbus SRL, headquartered in Torino, established in 2006, it is a SME which develops new flying platforms like the Metaplane (cf. Wikipedia), patented all over the world, combining features and performances of a dirigible and conventional aircrafts. In addition to UAS, new versions are under development, with increased dimensions and different operation mode (unmanned, optionally piloted and manned). Nimbus platforms combine heavy payload, easy piloting, and high safety with cost effective and environmentally responsible approach to aerial work. Nimbus product is used for info-mobility, monitoring and surveillance tasks in normal and emergency scenarios. Nimbus combines the positive characteristics of dirigibles and conventional aircrafts with STOL capability. This unique concept permits rapid deployment to local areas without airport facilities and being operational in terms of minutes. Nimbus provides innovative, safe aircraft, capable to cover specific selected areas and can offer a large experience in UAV design. Its platform can be easily customized with many different payloads to satisfy every kind of needs and can be used by anyone after quick training program.
The manufacturing of present UAS EOS Xi has been made after the development of 15 prototypes, each one used to test every particular flying condition. At present the UAS EOS Xi is ready for delivery to customers all over the world. A trailer for transport of the system, together with the GSE (Ground Support Equipment) is available.
In 2008 a Permit to Fly has been obtained in India to monitor the security of the III Commonwealth Youth Games. In 2011, five Permit to Fly have been obtained from ENAC, the Italian branch of EASA. This is an important goal obtained for an Italian UAS, in the same year, a European record has been awarded for three different UAS flying together in the same air space: the Alenia Sky Y, SELEX Galileo Falco and Nimbus C-Fly.


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EU Current Funded Projects:

  1. SKYMEDIA (FP7-ICT-2009-4-GA# 248405)
  2. FutureSME (FP7-NMP-2007-LARGE-1)
  3. Acheon (FP7-AAT-2012-RTD-L0)

Main related expertise

Paolo Bellezza Quarter, MSc in Mechanical Engineering. At the moment Nimbus srl CEO, ARIS spa Vice President with R&D responsibility. He has worked as Technical Director in ARIS spa in charge for the direction and coordination of all the working teams related to the design, CFD ,CAE, prototyping and testing of vehicles and complete systems.Several years of experience in R&D activities, lead with success and personal satisfaction, created a reliable and strong background experience. Moreover he holds as inventor or leading inventor more than 20 national and international patents.
Francesco Grimaccia, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, PhD in Electrical Engineering (cum Laude), his current research activities at Politecnico di Milano include electromagnetic compatibility, Wireless Sensor Networks and evolutionary optimization techniques for energy devices. He is member of IEEE and SPIE societies and President of young board of AEIT society. With Nimbus he is responsible for national and international research programs and he works as R&D projects coordinator. Since 2011 he is professor of Electrical Engineering at Faculty of Industrial Production for the same university.

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