ACHEON Progress Meeting in Brussels

ACHEON Progress Meeting in Brussels

On 5-6 May 2014 the FP7 ACHEON Consortium meet together to discuss the latest project results and a road-map for the project next step. The Consortium debated intensively topics related to 3D effects in ACHEON Coanda nozzle, its integration into aircrafts and the interplay with the Plasma DBD set-up in view to extend the range of HOMER nozzle. Further the study of thermal effect on the Coanda adhesion was presented followed by a discussion on the ACHEON multimedia proof of concept and the first experimental activities. Finally the Consortium reviewed the status of the pending patents and achieved an initial consesus regarding the guidelines for the future possible implementation into air vehicles were reported.

The meeting has been organized by Prof. Dean Vucinic (WP4 Leader) at the premises of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) – MECH facilites.


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