ACHEON at SAE Aerotech in Montreal

ACHEON at SAE Aerotech in Montreal

The ACHEON Consortium will be presenting scientific communications in the ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ session at the SAE Aerotech 2013 in Montréal, Canada. The congress theme 2013 is ‘Aviation Leadership for a Sustainable Future’. At SAE thousands of the world’s top aerospace professionals gather at the SAE AeroTech Congress & Exhibition – the essential aerospace event where the aerospace community prepares for future challenges and opportunities. This exclusive event provides an invaluable opportunity for ACHEON to develop important business relationships within the international aerospace industry to upstream our technology. The Consortium expects also to have consultation meetings with Canadian R&D players for international cooperation, especially with Laboratoire de recherche en commande active, avionique et aéroservoélasticité (LARCASE) coordinated by Prof. Ruxandra Boetz.

At SAE Aerotech, the ACHEON researchers will be presenting the following papers:
“Mathematical modelling of a two streams Coanda effect nozzle”, M. Trancossi, S. Maharshi, D. Fregni
“Computational Study of Coanda Adhesion Over Curved Surface”, M. Subhash, A. Dumas
“Parametric CFD Study of the Coanda Based Thrust Vectoring Nozzle”, D. Vucinic, A. Suñol Jiménez; M. Trancossi
“Mathematical Modeling of Coanda Effect”, M. Trancossi, A. Dumas, D. Vucinic
“ThermoJet an Old Concept Which Can Prelude a Future Green Air Transport”, M. Trancossi; J. Pascoa

The papers will be published in the SAE 2013 Aero Tech Congress and Exhibition proceedings, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 2013.


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