Monthly Archives: September 2013

ACHEON international R&D cooperation with Canada

The ACHEON Consortium organized with the ETS LARCASE research gruop of prof Ruxandra Botez a roundtable to debated joint technology devopment activities for greeinging the air transport between Europe and Canada in the light of Horizon 2020 upcoming Programme roll-out. The groups drafted an agenda of topics of common interest for R&D international cooperation with […]

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Paper presented at ATI on “The Influence of Surface temperature on Coanda Surface”

UNIMORE presented a paper on “The Influence of Surface Temperature on Coanda Surface” at  68° Congresso Nazionale Associazione Termotecnica Italiana (ATI). The congress took place in Bologna on 11-13 September 2013. The paper presented is expected to be published in Energy Procedia – an Elsevier Journal. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Online the ACHEON Scientific Project Presentation

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The UBI Team of Prof J. Pascoa published a multimedia scientific presentation to illustrate the FP7 ACHEON project challenges, its experimental methodology and the future disruptive impact arising from the demonstration of the scientific feasibility of a Coanda-based thrust vectoring technology with no mechanical moving parts. To enjoy the presentation clicki here.   Bookmark It […]

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Animations showcasing the ACHEON HOMER nozzle

UBI released 3 multimedia animations illustrating the conceptual design of the HOMER nozzle and the guided vanes near inlet section. Ongoing 3D CFD Studies (Das and Pascoa, 2013) shows that the flows are not completely axial, thus the tangential component of the flow field can’t be neglected. Guided vanes were proposed for reducing the swirling […]

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