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PROMO-AIR – Promoting Aeronautics Innovation and Research

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According to the major European Industries the European Aeronautics community has a shortage of high quality engineers. Promo-Air is an FP7 Project aiming at raising the interest of young Europeans towards scientific and technical studies in the field of Aeronautics and Air Transport The consortium is raising interest of teenagers in aeronautics-related studies through improving […]

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A review of the Thrust Vectoring in Support of a VTOL non-moving mechanical propulsion system

The advantages associated to Vertical Short-Take-Off and Landing (VSTOL) have been demonstrated since the early days of aviation, with the initial technology being based on airship and later on helicopters. Its operational advantages are enormous, being it in the field of military, humanitarian and rescue operations, or even in general aviation. Helicopters have limits in […]

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VUB presents at ACEX 2013 latest results on CFD modeling of the Coanda based thrust vectoring nozzle

VUB performed a presented at ACEX 2013 the ongoing research work related to  “CFD modeling of the Coanda based thrust vectoring nozzle” paper number ACEX349 (392.1). ACEX is 7th International Conference on Advanced Computational Engineering and Experimenting (ACE-X2013) which was held in Madrid, Spain from 01-04 July, 2013. VUB expects to show further progress of the work […]

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UBI released the first ACHEON scientific poster

UBI released a scientific poster illustrating the ACHEON project and its objectives aimed at demonstrating the scientific feasibility of a Coanda-based thrust vectoring technology with no mechanical moving parts. Donwload the poster ACHEON_Poster_2_A0 Bookmark It Hide Sites

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