Have you ever imagined that European research could make your flight more comfortable?

Your next flight could be on a plane with shorter take off and landing, more comfortable and safe flight operations, greener propulsion...


ACHEON is a new project funded by FP7 Transport (Level 0) and aimed at developing breakthrough emerging propulsion technology for green air transport.

ACHEON Concept

The ACHEON concept is based on two cornerstone technologies: - H.O.M.E.R. nozzle concept by University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. - PEACE - Plasma Enhanced Actuator for Coanda Effect by University of Beira Interior.


Further possibilities of technology transfer are expected in different industrial sectors: - technology, appliances, acclimatization, industrial plants, agriculture, sprinklers, sprayers, etc.


ACHEON is run by a multidisciplinary consortium made of 6 organisations: 4 Universities, 1 Research & Tech Transfer Organization and 1 Research intensive SME, from 4 European Countries (IT, PT, UK, BE).